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TKiMedia is Tristan Kennedy Irvine Media. I am a multimedia artist! I have been doing different media disciplines for 10 Years now. I have a horror story of an education, but I had amazing teachers that got me through it. I have three degrees in Film and Television, Visual Communications, and Media Arts and Animation. While succeeded all these majors, I was always learning the most I could, beyond what my school taught me. I ended my education with a thesis about projection mapping.

I fell in love with doing Visuals, Projection Mapping, and VJing in 2014, and turned my focus to creating visual content! I created content for a lot of Bay Area shows from 2011-2016. 2016 is when I got my first official VJ gig, and it was completely the coolest freaking thing I've ever done. I worked on my chops, and now I'm doing bigger shows for Sacramento, Oakland, and various Festivals.

My day job is working as a social media content creator and manager at Scott's Seafood on the River and loving it! Learning about social media may seem like a headspin to others, but it's quite interesting and fun learning about the different algerithems.


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Maxwell Simpson, OR

"Amazing The quality of work done for my new logo blew my mind. Definitely exceeded my expectations and would recommend to anyone looking for logo work and visuals. 10 stars out of 5"

Jared Brown, CA

“Top notch graphic design. Had him design my logo and was pleasantly surprised how quick he was able to turn my dream into a reality. Puts tons of effort into his work and will not dissapoint. Very knowledgable with video mixing for live music in real time, great artist. 10/10 would recommend to book for your show or graphic design!”

Tim Manas, CA

"TKiMedia does an excellent job mixing video content all night! Not a dull moment!"
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