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Coming to terms with Change

Set from Subphonic’s Audio Sunset After Party

Set from Subphonic’s Audio Sunset After Party

When doing the set for Sub City things were different. I had to become self reliant. Rather the realization of self reliance would be the change. In Sacramento, producers wait until the last possible minute to make decisions. I love making visuals, but I’m unsure about making sets. I have ideas, and I can design something dramatic that can display a good portion of story. However I do not have the craftsmanship to build such sets. I save all that for Kevin Harbaugh. Like all things, change is inevitable. I’ve decided to do bigger, which means more costs. Things I was not ready for. We had a week to construct and build Sub City for Subphonic Events. I was constructing by myself until the last hour before the show. I don’t ever want to do that again. It led me to believe, it was time for me to take a break.

Then life happened and I was back at it again. This time for another last minute show Audio Sunset After Party. Dear producers, please for the love of GOD please think ahead with an open door to the rest of your team! It’s exhausting building something amazing when there is NO direction. Thank God I learned a lot from Jack Kern, and the cats at Wormhole/Simple Machinist, so going at this alone is not such a pain. I am so grateful for all the people I have worked with honestly, I have learned a lot. From learning a lot I have changed a lot, and evolved.

This change has got me thinking on a huge level. Income, planning, making yourself busy, forcing yourself to learn and be inspired. For this big change I have taken a break, and letting the flow to wash over me again. As of 9/17 I’m going to be hitting work harder, my art harder, organization hard, habbits harder. I’m a project that I’ve been working on for years, and after finding something I love to do, I have a way to stay organized. I have a plan, that will work. I have a program that I’m adapting to. I have ways to make myself calm, and to self reflect on my growth and discipline. I am finally coming to terms with that change.

Like so many things I need to change, I am going to be changing the template of this blog. Changing it to more of a tutorial blog, or a journey to my projects and upcoming ventures and successes. Thank you for taking this journey with me, and reading!

Looking forward to the future!
Tristan Kennedy Irvine