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Allow me to make a reintroduction, and start from scratch! I am Tristan Kennedy Irvine (TKiMedia, NebuLion), and I am a Designer, Mixed Media Artist, VJ, Videographer, and Motion Graphic Artist! That’s a lot for one person to handle, but let me explain!

Here’s the back story about how it all comes together to make one beautiful statement! I think where it all comes from is my Father Alan RP Irvine (Owner of Scott’s Seafood on the River). My Father is quite a success, and he’s got a lot of experiences that I am learning from. One thing he showed me was when training a Manager you take them through all the stages of the job. A Manager shouldn’t just be leading people, but understanding each piece of the cog. Understanding how the back of the house works, as well as the front of the house. Bussing, Serving, Bar Tending, and finally managing. As a Manager, no job is below you! A true leader works with you! My Father even still buses tables, takes food out, expos, and a variety of jobs most managers don’t bother doing! SO I asked, why not apply this to a creative aspect. I notice a lot of artists are lost in the clouds with no focus on technical aspects of functionality. I figured if I know all the mediums, then I can run my own ship! So this is why I have so many abilities and jobs. Believe it or not, all these disciplines run together! Wild enough, now with Social Media, the need to be a Jack of all Trades is desirable! A good business needs good content! Good content that is styled after one another. Sometimes you lose this with too many people. So that’s my niche, to do it all, and make it all come together.

In the beginning I started out as a musician, a young kid messing around with a guitar and the versatility and abstract sound of Industrial Music. Music has always played a huge part in my life, and I think it’s very strange how it IS coming altogether to make this weird sort of sense. When I was a musician, I wanted to have a big presence on stage, show people a show they’ve never seen before. I’ve always wanted to do it all from the very beginning. I think that comes from being a lonely child, which sucked, but now it serves me well. I am however learning to play with others. It was in my Junior year of Highschool that I met Leonard Carrillo, in which he taught me Film. Film & Music kind of naturally went together like salt and pepper. I learned about editing throughout my education into College. I got my Associates in Art for Film and Television at a community college. Nothing to cry home about, but I put the time in learn all I could about film. I got pretty serious about it, and started looking at different schools. It was at the end of my degree that I got into Design. I always wanted to make film posters! Film posters are one of my favorite things!

Which leads me to my biggest mistake, for profit colleges! First one I went to was ITT Tech, I don’t know how I got pulled in other then I was in love. Also maybe a slight confidence problem. Here’s the thing about me, you could give me an inch of information, and if I’m into it I will focus on it and run with it. All part of the autism I guess. I got obsessed with Design, got obsessed with 3D, and film became a hobby. I took what ITT Tech gave me, which was not enough, and I scoured books, youtube (there was not much back then), tutorials, anything I could get my hands on. I learned every application I could. I already had vision, so executing it while learning the programs really helped a lot! I met Joe Wiedenbach there, and he showed a whole new world outside of what I knew! I got lucky, yes I worked hard, yes I went outside of the school, but it was all about being placed with the right people to get there.

Design, Film, and Audio so far under my belt with two degrees later (Associates in Visual Communications). How do I make a bigger mistake? I go to another for profit college, The Art Institute Sacramento. This school actually seemed promising! I definitely learned more there, then ITT Tech. I again got lucky to have some really amazing teachers who were willing to sit down with me and show me some really wild techniques! The School’s standards overall though, hurt my career. Considering that schools like Ai and ITT Tech are now blacklisted from my field. I did not let that stop me! I made my own niche with my Media Arts and Animation degree! Again the teachers were dope, so I got what I needed out of it! Despite the crippling debt, and inability to exist as human being, I got a lot out of my time! That’s what my Father taught me, to make the best out of anything.

I was done with school! What now? Time to take a break, and play around in my field. First thing I experience was VJing. I was able to take all the cool stuff I made in school and run it from a projector onto a huge white wall at The New Parish in Oakland at Wormhole! I caught the bug, and just kept making visual after visual! However I did not have my next gig until more then a year later! This time doing 3D Projection Mapping for a Halloween Event: Beetlejuice 2016 in Sacramento! I had my friend shoot footage, and made a reel which further promoted the event. It all comes together! You can see my journey on Instagram after all this, but that’s how it all started for me!

Finally, here is my finished product of who I am, and what I am about to become. My epiphany of how I need to work came to me weeks ago! It was after I left Bass Therapy, and got to reflect on the brand I was trying to build for them! Having a strong brand is important! The absolute confidence of who you are will sell itself! I was whipping out flyers, building ads, and doing visuals for a low cost in exchange for exclusivity. No more scattered expectations! No more confusion about who does what! So as of now I am taking my knowledge of design, and doing flyers, logos, and album covers. I am also doing Visuals, and if you get me to do a flyer, I can also do visuals at your event which tie into the flyer! I am also taking my film and animation expertise to do custom visuals, animated ads, and music videos! I look forward to crafting this endeavor and getting it perfect!