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My Journey into Art Blog #001

My Journey into Art

Blog #001

          I like to think that my journey into art started with my Father Alan, and I am continuing that dream. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a Bachelors, then a few credits away from his Masters from SFai. Then moved into the restaurant business.
I feel like I am keeping the dream alive with my exploration into art. My family loves art, their house is filled with art and many creative works from all over different disciplines. I am in turn fascinated with Art!
Being around so many different ways of expression, and their support of me chasing my dreams has helped fuel me. As time goes by, I am developing my own voice. It was a long journey getting to know my voice.

          When I started my journey into art, I was really interested in Music and Storytelling. Comic Books and Novels was where it was at, but I realized it was hard to show the things I was wanting to express. I was just playing when I was a kid, and I always wanted to work on Comic Books. Then my teenage years took over, and I found myself more influenced by music. So took a long journey into making music. It was when put into a Charter School, called Buckingham where Leonard Carillo fueled my introduction into film. Taking all the film classes that were offered, I was in love. Visual Storytelling was amazing to me, having everything there for me to just direct and capture. After graduating High School, college was the next step, so I went to the same film school my Brother Iain went to. Solano Community College. However, even film was limiting to my style of art. Technology was where my dreams could come true. After Effects was the "new thing" on the growing community front that was indie film making. After film school, I made a film, but learned film making was not for me. My skills of Editing and Technology were pretty strong. I decided to go to ITT Tech. Horrible decision, I bought into their explanation of "Industry Standard." Learned it was not the case. Made my own education along side ITT Tech. I learned actual industry standards, but still what about art? So I decided to go to the Art Institute of Sacramento, ah yes, another mistake. With those mistakes though, I learned how to make friends and be self-sufficient. Learned where to go to see what real Industry Standards were, and how to communicate professionally.

"I have embraced myself as an artist!"

-Tristan Irvine

          10 years later, three degrees later, on my own ready to join the art world in 2015 (even though I was working doing visuals since 2013.). I got into projection art, and did my first show at Wormhole in SF at New Parish. I became super creative and was creating something every day. In 2016 is when I took a visit to Oregon and started learning water color and embracing my skills as a photographer. Now it's 2017, and I have embraced myself as an artist! Found my voice, and got on top of my ship, and here we go! Looking forward keeping up with this blog! Thank you for reading! Hope to learn a lot together!

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