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The Idea

Sometimes we don't know what we want, sometimes we do. We make mistakes, we learn, we grow with our brands. When you come to TKiMedia for a design it is suggested you have a sketch or idea of what you want. Even if it's a picture you found off of Google. We strive to reflect your every need and character you want to present to your audience.

The Sketch

Upon receiving the brief from you, the client, we create a series of sketches that fit the theme and style of the brief. Which can include an illustration of the design. Usually, they're rough, and just for you to get an idea of the direction the design is going. We have you select from the various selections and get any ideas or input for changes. Then we start to shape the official design.

The Decision

In this stage, there are usually three variations of the design from you to choose from. The design which speaks to you the most. After selecting the one design out of the three we begin making the final design.

The Design

Finally after choosing a typeface (font) or graphic, then editing the design down to three variations, and choosing the design we work out the details working with you with the final render. The final package usually includes an EPS, PNG, JPEGS, Gifs, and CMYK PDF. Having the production files cost a little more, but if you're just working on your branding we hook you up with a good price that covers our basic costs.