List of equipment and photography styles


The Camera I use is a Sony A7iii, a highly versatile camera. I shoot video and photography with this camera. everything and is mobile-friendly! I am as well a member of Adobe's Master Collection, so I can capture and edit on the go! Lenses include 50mm for something shiny and close. 14mm for wide angles to capture lots of content. 28-70mm stock lens for open capture. I also always have my light stick for darker shots.  

Photography Type

My styles include product photography, portraits, landscapes, and night photography. I have experience working at a restaurant running social media and creating content at Scott's Seafood. I have also done a few weddings, as well as photographed weddings at Scott's Seafood on the River.  

Delivery type

When delivering the final product I like to deliver custom USBs to bring character to the memories. I want my clients to be able to come across a physical item that contains the memories they receive and it sparks joy. For weddings and events I also like to put together a book, for them to appreciate something physical they can see and touch without a computer.