Shaping your Reality

Digital Videography

editing, recipe video

NebuLion/TKiMedia Reel Update 2018

Lineup Video Xhale Ghost May 9th 2019

Bass Therapy Ad 12/12/18

Bass Therapy Ad for Facebook

The Plurality of Worlds 2 Event

Filmed by Kevin Harbaugh

Edited By Tristan Kennedy Irvine


BeetleJuice Event 2016

Filmed by Kevin Harbaugh

Edited by Tristan Kennedy Irvine

Patreon Tristan Kennedy Irvine Reel

Raktor VR 360 Trailer

NastyNasty 1/26/17 Recap Show

Show by StillDream
Lighting by Firefly Creations
Stage Design by Tristan Irvine
Video by Kevin Harbaugh
Edited by Tristan Irvine
Music by NastyNasty

Ryan's Corner Captain's Sunrise

Margarita May

Natalie Padilla Serving

Steamed Littleneck Clams

Pomegranate Lemondrop

Served by Natalie Padilla

Ramos Fizz Official

This remade classic can be found at

Ryan's Corner at Scott's Seafood on the River!

Scott's Seafood Dreamcicle Tutorial

Time Lapse of Tent Being Put Up

Timelapse of the tent being put up at Scott's Seafood

Scott's Seafood Tent Breakdown Timelapse

Scott's seafood Tent Breakdown

Videography by Tristan Kennedy Irvine

Shot on Canon 60D, S8+, and iPad Air

Kitchen Sink - Bloody Mary

Kitchen Sink is a Bloody Mary that has everything but the kitchen sink.

From Ryan's Corner, at Scott's Seafood On the River.