Coming to terms with Change by Tristan Irvine

Set from Subphonic’s Audio Sunset After Party

Set from Subphonic’s Audio Sunset After Party

When doing the set for Sub City things were different. I had to become self reliant. Rather the realization of self reliance would be the change. In Sacramento, producers wait until the last possible minute to make decisions. I love making visuals, but I’m unsure about making sets. I have ideas, and I can design something dramatic that can display a good portion of story. However I do not have the craftsmanship to build such sets. I save all that for Kevin Harbaugh. Like all things, change is inevitable. I’ve decided to do bigger, which means more costs. Things I was not ready for. We had a week to construct and build Sub City for Subphonic Events. I was constructing by myself until the last hour before the show. I don’t ever want to do that again. It led me to believe, it was time for me to take a break.

Then life happened and I was back at it again. This time for another last minute show Audio Sunset After Party. Dear producers, please for the love of GOD please think ahead with an open door to the rest of your team! It’s exhausting building something amazing when there is NO direction. Thank God I learned a lot from Jack Kern, and the cats at Wormhole/Simple Machinist, so going at this alone is not such a pain. I am so grateful for all the people I have worked with honestly, I have learned a lot. From learning a lot I have changed a lot, and evolved.

This change has got me thinking on a huge level. Income, planning, making yourself busy, forcing yourself to learn and be inspired. For this big change I have taken a break, and letting the flow to wash over me again. As of 9/17 I’m going to be hitting work harder, my art harder, organization hard, habbits harder. I’m a project that I’ve been working on for years, and after finding something I love to do, I have a way to stay organized. I have a plan, that will work. I have a program that I’m adapting to. I have ways to make myself calm, and to self reflect on my growth and discipline. I am finally coming to terms with that change.

Like so many things I need to change, I am going to be changing the template of this blog. Changing it to more of a tutorial blog, or a journey to my projects and upcoming ventures and successes. Thank you for taking this journey with me, and reading!

Looking forward to the future!
Tristan Kennedy Irvine

On the Regular (Evolving the Habit) by Tristan Irvine

If you're like me, you have a hard time keeping a Habit, if not enjoy the train wreck. Ever since I was a kid, I had a hard time focusing. I was a big problem in school and was always getting into trouble. I still am with those around me, sorry. If it was up to me, I would have given up any dream I would have had. However, thanks to those around me, I was pushed to follow my dreams. How can one such of myself even think of starting a company? 

Keeping a habit will be an ongoing battle, which will take many tools. A journal, reminders on your phone, and the constant work of doing everything over and over again. It will never end, for example, I still forget to take out the garbage. Chasing after your dreams and taking the steps to be successful, is ultimately a choice. I still struggle, and most of the time, it's me trying to fix problems as they are happening. However, I know what it will take to stop life being like that. It takes a constant upkeep, and dedicated times and dates to prepare. Creating content needs to be scheduled, and I know, how can you schedule art? You can't control inspiration, or can you. A constant theme will pop up on my blogs, you can't control perfection. When you feel inspired, grab a notepad and just start recording your thoughts in a short form. Sometimes you will lose some sleep trying to work out your vision, but don't make it a habit. Take your dedicated time you have for content creation, and apply your notes here. Depending on how good of notes you take, you will have your vision up and running. It's okay to mess up, or something not being good enough, you will get better with the MORE you do! 

Staying out of trouble is important, but getting into trouble can be a teaching moment. However, if you're not learning from the trouble you get into, then you're going to lose time on your dreams. Being honest with yourself is extremely important, and it will help you be honest with those around you. Being loud, and being honest are two very different things. Being loud can be a distraction from reflection, and realizing character building moments. There's a big difference between having character and being a character. When you get closer to your dreams, you will meet like-minded people, with like-minded dreams. Those people can help your dreams come to fruition. However, you can't show up looking a mess, you need to be on point and passionate about what you do. That takes time and self-realization that you are worth it. Double down on your vision, and always be willing to learn!

Starting a company is one of the hardest things to do, and I am still developing it. However, you need to treat your one-person show, like a company. You being a one-person show, is you building your own company. When you collaborate with others, those are like your coworkers. You will need to get along with them and respect each other's boundaries and talents. You do you, and they do them, and you all will get along. However it is okay to ask for help, and it's okay to learn and ask for help. Just don't do it too much. Self-realization moment is that I am excited to learn new things, seeing new things is exciting to me. I am always looking for a way that can further help display my dreams. 

I do want to leave this important message about keeping a journal. Journals can be a very powerful tool, especially with what kind of journal you get. There are SO many versions out there. There is a Classic lined journal, a lineless journal which you can keep sketches. Then there are special journals like "Panda Journals." Amazon Panda Journals, they are the coolest! They have calendars in the front for a broader stroke, along with weekly journals. It's more of a Planner then a journal, what makes it a journal is the habit-forming things along the way. It will ask you how you feel, what are your goals, successes, failures, and what could make a better change. Leave it on your desk for a daily and nightly review. Like brushing your teeth. Keep it at home, and use your phone for everything in-between. Googles calendar and various apps can help you integrate with your phone that much easier. Keep everything in one place, it will help you stay organized. Minimalize, and try not to complicate anything. Keep your areas clean and organized as well, it will all reflect in your mind. 


The Struggle of Authenticity by Tristan Irvine


"How do I get organic followers?"

Here is the first day to writing a huge length of Blogs. I have a lot to share an say, but at the moment all that goes through my mind is the fight with authenticity in which I am facing. I think as an artist in these grueling days of Social Media, it is something we all war with. Growing up it was called 15 minutes of fame, but now that has all been reduced to just a few minutes, if not 15 seconds. How does one battle with such competition for just 15 seconds, and how does one convinced themselves that it's even worth it? The answer is simple, you don't!

Yes, I too was gripping to that ride of 1k followers on IG, or trying to get over the 300 hump on Facebook. A clear message in my head, asking if I am good enough, and am I worth it? Numbers don't lie after all right? Yes, and no. Yes they lie, because every follower you have out there is not an organic follower. To them you are 5 seconds, if not less. The door swings both ways, if you are not worth their gaze, neither are they. Don't spend time looking at time lost, and keep your gaze forward! The secret to all of this is all within you. It's like a bad Sci-Fi novel, where an adventurer goes out seeking the mysteries and truths of the universe. Only at the end to realize everything was inside of them. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself, subjectively, is the punchline. As told by the great comedian Bill Hicks, or you may have found it while blasting Tool every night. 

What exactly IS inside you, anyways? That's a confusing rhetoric on itself. A bunch of frustrating hippy dippy bullshit! How can you get more exposure from other people, from what's inside you? I don't think I have all the answers, but this is something I've recently had to face, until the aha moment took control. Here's where the numbers don't lie, organic likes and follows. Remember that everyone is all searching for their place in the universe, most looking into everyone else's life. Some for entertainment, some to escape looking into themselves, and some just to learn more and more until they explode!  You are some one, you reflect this to a certain extent. There is only one way you can achieve that naturally. Make stuff that makes YOU happy. Work hard at it, let your early iterations be crap, and observe how everyone else's works. Research is the air beneath our wings, that leads us to a clearer resolve as an artist. 

The journey of self doubt doesn't come from trying and failing, the journey of self doubt comes from never doing it in the first place. Okay, maybe you did it once or twice, and it discouraged you because you thought it meant you were not talented. Talent is all about perception, and the rest is hard work to get to that vision (or somewhere close to it). It will NEVER be perfect. Perfection is something that is not decided by us, it is decided by chaos. Perfection comes from existing within the chaos, and surviving. Like the Shark, it did not decide one day to be a shark, it evolved into perfection. Evolve, ride your vision, let the world see how you see it. It is not about the destination, but rather the journey that builds confidence. Confidence is not arrogance, do not be fooled. Those are but False Prophets of the art world. These people try so hard, do not try, do! Yoda once said, "No! Try not, do, or do not, there is no try!" You're either showing up and moving forward, or you're losing moments that can teach you everything you need to know. Experiences that will define who you are. These moments, will awaken you, and drive you. 


Now that you are clear on the bouts you will face on the road to self discovery, it's time to get down to business. How do I get organic followers? How does everything feel like more then five seconds of attention. Here's where the balance comes in, do, but do not. There is a theory among social media experts that there is a natural ebb and flow to when people spy their social media, and this is when you should release your work. This is where is gets interesting, where you become the master of time. Most times we create something, and we immediately release it. Do not release as a reflex. PLAN your releases, around lunch time, and when people get off work. 11-12pm, and 4-6pm, you stick to those times, you will see a boost in views, likes, and follows. Be aware, you're going to get follows and unfollows a lot, deal with it. It's lost constantly liking your work, that's who matters. For Instagram hashtags at the right time, will attract new potential organic views. Set a schedule for yourself. If you miss a day or week, it doesn't matter, just learn to stick with it. Create habits. All this is the hard work, you must endure. To open your world, go to meetups, parties, or get to know like minded people. If they don't want to share like you do, move along. The more you do it, the better response you will get. Remind yourself why you love what it is you do, and let that be completely separate of anyone else. It is only for you to know, and for you to get at. Those are all the do's. 


Let's talk about the flow, or the state of flow. The act of doing, by not doing. Have you ever tried to be cool, and it has blown up in your face, and made you embarrassed? Made you feel like you're rolling 1's, or thinking Mercury is in Retrograde? Well to gain perfect Harmony with the Tao, you must practice Wu Wei. The act of being completely natural. When we are thinking about what we're doing, we are too focused on what we are doing that we spend no time letting our intuition take over. You must flow like a river, and let the gravity of your exploration guide you. Finding a balance between letting go, and directing yourself to your goals is where you want to be. It is the ONLY way to be authentic. Let go of your ego (who you think you are), and your predetermined idea of perfection (how you think things should be), and let it happen. Take the tools you have discovered so far, and let your intuition guide them. Learn to trust yourself, and let your creativity flow through you. If you shut yourself down, and dismiss such things from occurring, you will never find out how to truly listen to yourself. That is true confidence. That is authenticity. 

Moving forward, I would like to let my ideas flow into future blogs. Let it be about self help, demos, and how tos, I will keep an open mind. I would love to hear any comments, or stories you would like to share! Let me know what you thought of this entry. We are all in this together! Enjoy the many experiences there are to have! 

Thank you,
Tristan Kennedy Irvine

My Journey into Art Blog #001 by Tristan Irvine

My Journey into Art

Blog #001

          I like to think that my journey into art started with my Father Alan, and I am continuing that dream. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a Bachelors, then a few credits away from his Masters from SFai. Then moved into the restaurant business.
I feel like I am keeping the dream alive with my exploration into art. My family loves art, their house is filled with art and many creative works from all over different disciplines. I am in turn fascinated with Art!
Being around so many different ways of expression, and their support of me chasing my dreams has helped fuel me. As time goes by, I am developing my own voice. It was a long journey getting to know my voice.

          When I started my journey into art, I was really interested in Music and Storytelling. Comic Books and Novels was where it was at, but I realized it was hard to show the things I was wanting to express. I was just playing when I was a kid, and I always wanted to work on Comic Books. Then my teenage years took over, and I found myself more influenced by music. So took a long journey into making music. It was when put into a Charter School, called Buckingham where Leonard Carillo fueled my introduction into film. Taking all the film classes that were offered, I was in love. Visual Storytelling was amazing to me, having everything there for me to just direct and capture. After graduating High School, college was the next step, so I went to the same film school my Brother Iain went to. Solano Community College. However, even film was limiting to my style of art. Technology was where my dreams could come true. After Effects was the "new thing" on the growing community front that was indie film making. After film school, I made a film, but learned film making was not for me. My skills of Editing and Technology were pretty strong. I decided to go to ITT Tech. Horrible decision, I bought into their explanation of "Industry Standard." Learned it was not the case. Made my own education along side ITT Tech. I learned actual industry standards, but still what about art? So I decided to go to the Art Institute of Sacramento, ah yes, another mistake. With those mistakes though, I learned how to make friends and be self-sufficient. Learned where to go to see what real Industry Standards were, and how to communicate professionally.

"I have embraced myself as an artist!"

-Tristan Irvine

          10 years later, three degrees later, on my own ready to join the art world in 2015 (even though I was working doing visuals since 2013.). I got into projection art, and did my first show at Wormhole in SF at New Parish. I became super creative and was creating something every day. In 2016 is when I took a visit to Oregon and started learning water color and embracing my skills as a photographer. Now it's 2017, and I have embraced myself as an artist! Found my voice, and got on top of my ship, and here we go! Looking forward keeping up with this blog! Thank you for reading! Hope to learn a lot together!